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What lies beyond the ridge?

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So glad you asked! Beyond is a fantasy/adventure graphic novel series written by Rory Vanderbeck and illustrated by Jake Gerard. And fantasy/adventure is putting it lightly… It’s so much more!


In a world that’s been hollowed out by an ancient cataclysm, two adventurers are thrown together on a quest to end tyranny and uncover mysteries from the ancient past. But in short it’s really about...

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what is beyond?


Nemi is a young and head strong mage who needs proper training to control his powers. His village was destroyed when he was young, and he always seeks to right that injustice.

Oria is a care free and loose talking bounty hunter who’s just trying to work towards retirement. She was once a soldier, and despite her whimsical attitude she knows more than she lets on.



so what kind of comic book is this?

Beyond fills a unique niche in the type of audience it aims to garner. The art style and dialogue appear as very light hearted and kid friendly, but this is in contrast to the actual events that take place within.

Death is an ever present part of this series, as well as themes of violence that, while not grotesque, may reach towards an older audience. This satisfies an audience that enjoy light hearted styles of art and animation from places like Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, but want something that can do more.

A work in progress!

Rory and Jake have been hard at work on Beyond for a few years now, and after completely rebuilding the first 2 issues from the ground up we have the first 3 issues of the series completed! We're currently in talks on how to proceed with getting them printed/ how to distribute what we've done so far so stay tuned!!

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