Custom Comic Strips

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The past few years I've been hard at work in the dojo, honing my skills in the craft of comic strips, spanning all topics from silly to serious. Now the time has come for me to offer custom comic strips as a service! 

Have you ever had an idea for a comic but don't know how to draw it? Or maybe you want to send someone a super thoughtful gift based on a fond memory? Look no further as this is the place to be! 

Panel Options





For the best results I'd recommend going with the 4 or 6 panel structure, but in reality if you have an idea for a comic that's anywhere between 2-6 panels. When it comes to panel options there's really only a few important points:


• Panel minimum: 2

• Panel Maximum: 6

• Recommended: 4 or 6  

style Options


Full color

This boils entirely down to preference. These 2 styles are your standard fair for all custom comics and are factored into the regular prices (If you have a specific style in mind I can work to replicate it but that will incur an additional charge). The grayscale comics will have a quicker turnaround.















Full Color






That's the general overview of what's offered! If you'd like to proceed with a custom comic you can click the button below to fill out a contact form! I'll get back to you quickly to talk about joke/plot ideas, what you're looking for visually, and to ask for any reference images I may need from you!

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