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Life can be tough, life can be scary. I started this webcomic series as a way to stay creatively active on a weekly basis. I never expected it to become a platform for me to work through some of my own struggles with anxiety or existential dread. It's more than a year later now and I couldn't be happier that I'm still going strong with the series! What started as a weekly webtoons series has grown to be a a bi-weekly release with almost 30 THOUSAND views! It's been a slow but consistent build and I can't wait to keep things building towards the future with this series!

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I love having a patreon. It enables me to do even more of what i love to do AND it let's me give back to all of you with exclusives and patreon-only goodies. you can check out my reward tier in the slider to the left, and click below to give me a hand and offer your support!


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