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welcome to chronsylvania!

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A world of magical wishes, nonsensical science, and painfully long open mic nights that stretch on into eternity. In Chronsylvania, the laws of time are a bit more relaxed than in most worlds, a bit more fluid, if you will. And if you're not careful, you just might end up re-living that awesome party over and over again or zooming through an entire school year in a single afternoon. Not so bad, huh?


But be warned: if you're anything like Langston Jackson, if you're careless or even downright reckless, you might end up doing something much, much worse.  You might end up fracturing the foundational nature of time itself. And if that happens you might find yourself feeling mighty low.  If you're a decent person, if you have an honest bone in your body, you might even feel obligated to get your lazy butt out of bed to go fix the cataclysmic mess you've made.


But then again, if you're anything like Langston Jackson, maybe not. 

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The Ballad of Lumber Jackson is the brain child of Johnny Caputo and Jake Gerard, who met each other at NYC Comic Con back in 2017. Since then they've been hard at work not only building up the story, but also the world Lumber Jackson takes place in. After 2 years we've built up an entire arc of the story, a full website (that's still expanding) and even a successfully funded kickstarter! This comic is one of the "Big 3" for Jake and as such it has its own patreon too! check out the links below to visit the Lumber Jackson site or support us on patreon!


meet the cast!

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