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I've made A lot of comics.

I started making webcomics back in 2018 and in that time I've made and worked on a bunch of series by myself, with others, and even professionally!

That level of output is due, almost in entirety, to my passion for making them. My whole life I've loved telling stories and making people laugh, naturally  the notoriously lucrative industry of comics have been the best fit for my artistic expression.

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The flagship series, the first webcomic I ever made. 5 years and 400+ comics later I've finally slowed down to work on other projects. Sometimes i look back on those early episodes and cringe, but seeing how much I improved over time is a great source of motivation to keep going. If you wait for something to be perfect before releasing it, you'll never put anything out there.

The title comes from something my friends and I used to talk about back in our retail days. How do we fight the void, leave our mark on an uncaring world?
We create.

Lil Dingus is a "relatable" webcomic character that I get to be mean to. The whole idea was to make something that at the same time celebrates and lambasts the "relatable comic" genre.

I came up with the idea for the series while thinking about my general frustrations with content creation and the current social media landscape.

I know I've done my job with this series when i finish a strip and feel bad for what i did to poor Lil' Dingus. 

Join Sonic on a wholesome journey of self discovery as he explores what's out there in life beyond "Going Fast" in this FAN COMIC.

If you've spent any amount of time on the internet, you probably know that the fandom surrounding Sonic the Hedgehog has quite the reputation for being toxic, crazy or overly defensive of the blue blur.  I created this fan comic to provide some wholesome Sonic content.



Of all the projects I've worked on with my long time friend, Rory Vanderbeck, this one might just be my favorite. Join the Blobs & Mort in this existential adventure of love, loss, and fighting for what's right.

...Turns out I've got a tendency to end series names with "inc."  Read the series below!

Another collab coming at you hot from the minds of myself and Rory Vanderbeck is this incredibly dry  parody comic starring the Great Fox's resident idiot, Slippy the Frog.

Tune in to see the constant misadventures of this guy make the lives of his crew a living hell.

I had the absolute pleasure of working as part of the team working on the Webtoon original series "Live With Your Self"! My role was to create the thumbnails and provide flats for each episode! (starting at episode 413)

Getting to be part of this team was a dream come true, it was Shen's comics that inspired me to get into the genre, and I've learned so much from the series' current showrunner, Dave Catman (formerly Mercworks). The team's rounded out with some STELLAR linework from Dorkly all-star Andy Kluthe! It's been an absolute blast working on the series with these guys which you can read below! 



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They say to write what you know so when TopToon approached me in 2021 for a pilot webcomic season, creating a retail store sitcom comic seemed like a no brainer! Nonsense Inc. follows New employee Duff as he quests to rise the corporate ladder and catch up with an old friend who got him the job.

Retaining the full rights to the series, production on season 2 as a solo project has already begun!

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