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Here's your one-stop shop to all JBomb Creative comics!

I first started writing/illustrating comics back in 2018, and when i sat down to make this webpage it really surprised me just how many I've worked on in the past handful of years. If you're interested in my work, give some of these comics a read!

Jake fights the void

The main show, and my longest running comic! I started JFTV back in 2018 as a means to deal with my own anxiety and check "make a webcomic" off my bucket list. All these years later and this comedy drive gag/variety comic is still going strong!

I just think they're neat.png

Nonsense Inc.

Nonsense INC. was my first professional comic, with the first 20 strips being produced as a Toptoon+ original series! After finishing my contract with Toptoon The series will continue on webtoon!


Sonic's Gotta Go's

The point of this series is to do 2 very important things, draw some sonic, and make wholesome content. The whole idea was to make a comic exploring what Sonic would do after discovering there's more to life than going fast. I wanted to also use this series as a means to explore the theme of life outside of the hustle/grind of work.

Sonic Profile Pic.png

Lumber Jackson

The Ballad of Lumber Jackson is a collaborative project coming at you from the minds and hearts of myself and Johnny Caputo. After meeting at Comic Con a couple years ago the two started this fantasy adventure starring the Jackson brothers  & their new found (magical tree bark) friend, Crash!

Law &n langston.png

Empty Inc.

This short but sweet series was originally produced by myself and my good buddy, Rory Vanderbeck, for Webtoon's Short story contest. This tale's gotta whole 'lotta heart so give it a read and see what the Blobs & Mort get up to in this metaphysical warehouse.

Empty Inc Promo.png

Slips in the Sh!t Again

Jake & Rory are coming at you hard with another collaborative effort in this Star Fox parody comic! Join the crew aboard the Great Fox as Slips continually makes every waking moment a living hell for both himself and his colleagues.

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