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Here at Empty Inc. we have a saying;

work hard, and then just keep doing that.


Our team is always ready and able to get you what you need in a relatively quick amount of time. That’s of course after you take business days into account.

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The Blobs

The blobs are the backbone of our company, which is strange considering they’ve barely got any backbone of their own. The duo have been working the warehouse for as far back as anyone can remember, and they haven’t taken a sick day yet! Will they ever get vacation time? Well, we like to think that hard work is its own reward



Empty Inc. is a tightly run ship, but even we can’t manage it all. That’s where Mort and his particularly dry wit come in. Tirelessly bringing us new shipments without fail, Mort is the person who supplies and delivers all the goods we have to offer.



Every operation needs a leader, and Archie brings that in spades. As branch manager and HR lead, Archie is here to make sure everything runs nice and smooth from warehouse floor to service counter all while wearing a smile and wink.



Er… Well… it’s not often we get visitors in our warehouse, but we’re happy to say Amy has loved her time with us. With that being said, we do have some question as to how, and why, she’s here.


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